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Gifts to Give

{article via Southern Living}
When we stumbled across the Haute Papier booth
at the New York Stationery Show the second time around, 
we knew we had found a show favorite for 2011.
Recently featured in Southern Living, we were excited to meet them.
The corner booth was buzzing with energy, the product was great,
and the prices for letterpress (yes, letterpress!) were hard to beat.
We were sold.
We're pretty sure once you take a look in store,
you will be too.

NSS Show Offerings

Grand Silk Stationery Box
Perfect (!) for weddings or another lucky couple

Small Silk Stationery Box
Great for grads

Custom Letterpress Coasters
Hostess, Shower, New Home, Engagement, You Name It...
Fun and functional

Also, they offer fantastic personalized notepads, individually and in executive sets. Great size and easy to order. We're getting some for ourselves now and will post pics soon!

we are so im{pressed}.


Paper Alert for Tuesday!

This week is all about paper and new card lines we are carrying in the store, either {now} or {soon}! We'll start off Tuesday with something new. A. Favorite Design gathers inspiration from vintage living and the joys of life. Here is a sampling of a few favorites:


Paper Bliss

Spring is in the air. We can all feel it as we head out into the sunshine, taste it on the tip of our tongue and hear it chirping in our ear. Soon, we'll wake up to the sound of lawnmowers on Saturday morning and encounter the neighbor's kid manning a lemonade stand on the corner as we walk the dog. At Express Yourself, with Spring comes Brides. The two just go hand in hand. And we know plenty of brides will be planning a beach wedding for 2010. Here are a few of our favorite invitation suites...all letterpress of course. The soft finish of the paper. Subtly textured print. Natural and stunning colors. Suiting for a wedding at the edge of land along the sand.



Sneak Peek: Martha

Exciting news!

Debuting this spring will be the new Martha Stewart Weddings Collection!
According to Crane & Co.: The Martha Stewart Weddings collection will feature 24 invitation suites comprised of invitations, save-the-dates, and response cards in a range of styles designed to showcase Martha’s unique style and Crane’s timeless elegance. A distinctive selection of papers will include new calligraphic motifs and flourishes, decorative scrollwork, embroidery inspired designs, and hand-engraved details.

And according to Martha herself: I am delighted to share the Martha Stewart Stationery Weddings collection, crafted with master stationers Crane & Co. (We too are delighted!) From the first save-the-date card mailed to the last thank-you note received, a wedding creates a lovely paper suite. (We could not agree more!)

See you in May!


keep on learning

On our wish list this year are some of our favorite items to buy. But we also long for learning more about our favorite obsessions and things to try. Currently all things paper sway us - from crafting crave worthy letterpress pieces to writing the perfect story to painting, patterns and color. We don't dream of summers spent lounging poolside with boat drink in hand (ok, maybe we do) but instead wish for days full of creating and learning, our fingers full of ink and stained with color.
We'll start with a letterpress workshop at The Center for Book Arts in NYC. Not like we ever need an excuse to hit up the Big Apple, but when there is a Vandercook involved, we'll be there. We just need to get our p's and q's in a row.
Next, we'll retreat home to take an online writing class from Gotham. Maybe Children's Book Writing or Creative Writing 101 to get our writer's block unhinged and to (finally) put pen to paper. Good quality paper, of course. The best part is we can sit in our pajamas on the couch with laptop in hand and be in class at the same time. Or better yet, lounging poolside after all.
Then we'll finish our summer with an early September visit to Squam Art Workshops. Several days spent on the lake in New Hampshire sounds good enough, curled up by a fireplace in an old rustic cabin with a cup of tea. Add on the writing, art, creativity and photography classes and we're in wait, we really are still in New Hampshire.

Just like summer camp, without the sing-alongs, bad food, bunk beds and snarky counselors.