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We love, love, love vintage typewriters. They evoke an era of non-electronic correspondence that included signatures in ink, postage stamps and the smell of fresh paper. This was when mailboxes served the purpose of delivering something more than just bills and junk mail.
We especially love this collection above as noted by decor8.

Our favorite idea is one that has been around for quite some time. Place some sheets of good, quality cotton paper (or one very long piece) out with an old typewriter and use it as a guest book. We think this is best for small, intimate weddings, as the guest entries will take some time to complete. Perfect for weddings of book lovers, writers and vintage enthusiastic couples.
Bride Beth commented, "Having a typewriter guestbook was really great! We have all of the pages in a scrapbook now and it is funny to read everyone’s comments." This picture above is from her wedding. How fun!

Type on friends, type on!

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