Friday Favorites: Vol. 6

Snacking on...

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Wondering how this diva is still pregnant...

...and this fantastic actress is already in her 3rd trimester!

{Happy Friday!}

Royal Bits

We know we told you yesterday to KEEP CALM, but...the wedding program has been released and we simply had to share. These are some of our favorite images, courtesy of The Royal Wedding website. It is a long program (25+ pages!), but an amazing keepsake for guests. And it certainly gives them some great reading material while they are waiting for all 1,900 people to take a seat. L.O.V.E. the map!

And in honor of The Royal Wedding tomorrow morning, here are a few last minute links and tidbits to guide the loyal wedding viewers through the next 24 hours...
The schedule of events.
A guide to what to expect for the royal wedding.
The wedding by numbers.
A survival guide for wedding widowers.
The list of the lucky 1,900 to receive an invite.
Proof that we are adding fuel to the fire.
Always wanted to know the answer to this question.
And this is funny!
We would be Lady Betty Beamer Sunshine and Lady Margaret Jessie Cedar.

There is so much more, we know, but you wedding viewers need to get your beauty rest for tomorrow morning!

All portions of the program are ©The Registrars of the Convocations of Canterbury and York, 1965, 1966. The copyright of the Alternative Services: Series One, material from which is included in this service, is assigned with effect from 1 July 1978 to the Central Board of Finance of the Church of England, and with effect from 1 January 2005 to The Archbishops’ Council of the Church of England. The scripture reading is from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, Anglicized Edition copyright © 1989, 1995 National Council of Churches of Christ in the United States of America.

Keep Calm It Is Just A Wedding

In honor of THE royal wedding and all the hoopla that is surrounding it, we created this poster. A spin off from the original WWII poster discovered in a British bookshop in 2000, the orginial iconic print has made its way all around the globe - from design mags to interior spaces to catchy one-offs that are smart and funny. We just couldn't resist a royal wedding take on the classic. If you want to read more about the original poster and the great story behind it, click here.

We l-o-v-e weddings. Weddings are what we do! And yes, we are as curious as the next person as to what designer the bride is wearing, how famously long (or not) her veil will be and seeing the new groom escort the future queen (?!) out of Westminster Abbey. We will most certainly not be watching the live coverage here in Colorado. If we are up at 5 AM, we better be at the gym (no excuses - they do have TV's there), for we know the press will be rehashing the details for weeks and months to come. When the TODAY Show started their countdown months ago and Matt and Meredith were as giddy as schoolgirls, one EYB husband almost threw up in his cereal. He was flabbergasted that we were going to talk about someone else's wedding for soooo long. We cannot seem to get away from it all - every channel, every magazine, every newspaper. Really, we have taken this all a bit too far. The poor brides who are getting married this weekend too - may they get as much attention from their friends and family that we all have given to this royal couple! What is it about weddings that we all seem to just go gaga?!

We know that we cannot all be future princesses (we will never deny you your inner princess). So we created a wedding version for all the brides and grooms and mother's of the brides (especially the MOB's) out there that need a reminder that this is just a wedding. What is most important is the marriage.


A Noted Farewell


Do you recall pecking away into the wee hours to get your book report completed? I do, and boy, I hated that thing. Even though a typewriter carries a sense of nostalgia and communication of yesteryear (not to mention a clanging headache), it is time to pack away your typewriter ribbon and toss the old correction fluid, folks. The Atlantic is reporting today that the last factory to make typewriters is closing its doors today. The archaic typewriter is really more of a vintage novelty to most these days, sort of like this wedding book idea we posted about oh so long ago. I suppose the only end to this story, naturally, would be THE END.

A New Way to Recycle

We started with this...

Added one of these...

With some of this thrown in the mix...
(metal landscape egding is exactly what that is)

And we ended up with this...

Which resulted in a serious case of doggy anxiety, almost requiring a large prescription of Xanax for the dog and myself. So we opted to get rid of the cone but needed to keep the dog from licking her bandages right off her feet. My husband thought a pair of hiking socks and duct tape (lots of duct tape) would do the trick. The dog looked like a duct tape experiement gone very, very wrong.

Some rummaging through the house and I came up with this solution...
That's right, Baby Legs for our furry baby. Now isn't that better?!

And yes, they were spotted on this baby last summer...

And the best part is, we have more than one pair...

We think Lola will look dashing in a purple pair for Easter.

So yes, if your dog also decides to chase a squirrel, run along the garden edging, cut her feet, tear her tendons, bleed all over your lawn, require emergency Sunday night surgery, followed by bed rest (just try to keep a dog down), chaos with a doggy cone (definitely the mark of shame) and a rigorous schedule of drugs, bandaging and care then you too can stop by and get some Baby Legs for your furry baby.

P.S. Yes, we will be very busy repairing the garden edging this weekend so the kiddos don't get hurt. I'm pretty sure they would object to a cone around their neck too.

Waste Not(e)!

We love to do our part to celebrate eco-friendly and earth friendly varities of stationery and inks. This chart outlines one of our favorite paper lines and what they do to waste not when it comes to notes.

{New} Season, {New} Reasons to Visit

That's a {WRAP} on winter! Our tweet wrap is the perfect start for spring. Soar on in to see all our {NEW} spring goods! What kind of goods, you ask?

We have {NEW} soy candles in recycled wine bottles and topped with a wooden lid. Six beautiful fragrances are part of this wonderful environmentally friendly collection. The perfect hostess gift to replace the old standby of a bottle of wine - guaranteed to smell better and look better the next morning too!

A Bountiful Bunch

Ripe pears and apples in juicy colors are a perfect way to brighten someone’s day with a thank you or a simple greeting. Who do you appreciate? What are you grateful for? Make someone’s day.

Perfect for those meddlesome (and oh, so loved) moms, the teacher that tolerates your child's endless energy, a grateful graduate or your sweet neighbor that lovingly ignores your occasionally overgrown lawn and weekly overflowing garbage can.
{write on}

Calling Cards Are Calling You

An homage to yesteryear, the calling card is making a comeback. Not only for business purposes, but for personal correspondence and communication too. A method of continuing to brand yourself and your personal image in an increasingly ubiquitious era of electronics and the internet. Not convinced? Read on. Is it calling for you?

Alternatives to the Royal Wedding Invitation

photo via

So...most of us in the stationery world were not exactly excited once we caught a glimpse of the royal wedding invitation. While we certainly can appreciate the story behind the choice of typeface, we just don't love the wording, layout and overall feel of the piece. An invite that says, "...commanded" - really?! We are sure there is protocol and history guiding the design of the royal mailing. But, to get us beyond the stodgy and almost cold impression from this invitation, here are some alternative ideas presented by some of our favorite stationers from near and far.

Now, isn't that more like it?!

The Countdown is On!

It's "Royal Wedding Week" - the countdown to Friday and the BIG wedding is officially on. Today we are sharing some of our classic, traditional and certainly more formal invitation options. Here's a peek...

Are they your cup of tea?

Prom Season

Yes. It is that time of year here in the Roaring Fork Valley.
It is time for the Prom!
We have lots of tuxedos available,
but sadly, this blue dress is not!

Send in your future Prom Kings now for $10 off tux rentals!

{dance on}

Spring Fling

New Spring Stationery!
In-store now and more images online here.

{write on!}