Costumes for Kids!

We love summer, but we love fall just a bit more. The crisp air, beautiful trees and the promise for many opportunities to get together with family and friends. Before we know it, Halloween will be knocking on our door. Here's a little treat to get you started on your kids' costumes.

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Parenting Magazine has a brilliant online gallery of quick, easy and innovative costume ideas. Click here for a selection of kid-approved and parent-easy options - many of them are no sew (seriously!). Many of the items for these costumes can be easily found at your local retailers - even send Dad to the hardware store for a few spare parts for this costume! And if you have a baby in the house, click here for easy baby costumes.

They also have some great ideas from their 2009 costume contest. We are particularly fond of the Backhoe Loader costume for little builders and for the newly crawling infant, the Turtle costume is genius - we have a friend this would be perfect for!

For the truly creative, check out this link for ideas on how to make a banana costume and a snow globe girl.

If you are not feeling crafty or creative and you are short on time, Chasing Fireflies has an extensive and beautiful collection of costumes that are ready to wear. This Autumn Fairy costume pictured above is perfect for the fall season.

And of course, there is always the easy choice of Pottery Barn Kids costume collection. What kid wouldn't want to dress up as a donut or adorable airplane or bucket of popcorn?

Now who said parents couldn't have fun at Halloween?!