About Amy and Erin

erin + amy circa 1984

A note‐ably unique boutique, Express Yourself is widely acclaimed for their custom invitations, stationery, announcements and accessories. Located in Basalt, Colorado, they serve clients from Denver to Aspen, Los Angeles to Chicago and New York to London. They are committed to the art of paper, with the ability to craft custom and unique items for every client by a team of experienced designers, including the duo of Erin Jones and Amy Forsey ‐ sisters with a passion for paper, great design and the occasional grande skinny cappuccino.

Erin is the number‐cruncher, bookkeeper and back‐office realist, while Amy is the designer and artist extraordinaire. Erin loves the color blue, is married and always needs a vacation. She dreams of being a writer one day, never has enough hours in the day and dislikes kazoos. She is learning how to nourish her husband with a home‐cooked meal and wishes of endless dreams for her children. Amy is the fantasist who is always stylish, wears bright shoes and is often the first one to leave at the end of the day. She appreciates a man who owns a passport, a well‐traveled pair of cowboy boots and a big truck. She dislikes tapered jeans, white condiments and bad hair days. They both love cupcakes...some things never change!

Fine paper and great gifts is their passion and they are excited to share that with their clients. Whether it’s one card or an entire wedding, they pride themselves on top‐notch service, products and design. With their focused level of service, they will help you from concept to design to final product. They believe in the power of connection with their clients and are happy to answer your questions at any time. Client care, maintaining high standards and providing unique goods is what defines Express Yourself.

erin + amy