10 Reasons to Love a Lake Vacation

10. Water lapping at your front door
9. Cocktail hour...at any time of day
8. Swimsuits required attire for breakfast, lunch and dinner
7. Watching fireworks on the fourth
6. Chasing fireflies at night
5. Alarm clocks are not allowed
4. No cell phone service
3. Boat rides at sunset
2. Waterskiing at dusk
1. Family, friends and lots of relaxation!

Wishing you a Happy Summer Vacation
from your friends at Express Yourself!
See you all on the flip side!

Happy Father's Day!

We know Dad doesn't need any more ties,
but perhaps he needs a little help getting dressed in the morning?

Consider wrapping his gift box today like an actual tie...
simply tie ribbon around the box as you would a neck and voila!
A perfectly presentable, suitable and very manly gift-wrapping idea.

Need help with tying the tie?
Follow step-by-step instructions here.

Cupcakes and Cowboys

Happy Birthday Amy!

Last night, she celebrated her birthday in true Amy style,
enjoying three of her favorite things...

This Takes The Cake

We recently stumbled upon these cupcakes
while surfing around etsy.
These are amazing looking cucpakes
and they can be purchased online!
Amaretto Lemon Buttercream, Vanilla Buttercream,
Chocolate Chip Mint
and this cute Chocolate Cone are
among some of their many flavors.
Located in NJ, but available
anywhere USA!
Perfect for those weeks where we're
looking to try a new cupcake
but just too lazy to bake.
Oh, and did I forget to mention...
they are vegan too!

All of the above pictured cupckaes
can be found at The Cupcake Mint

Mommy Cakes

For the yummy mummy
who is sure to be the life
of this cupcake party.

Cupcake earrings by
Brag About It
Cupcake Necklace by Green River Studio

Kid Cakes

It's time for a party...
especially with these super cute cupcake toppers
and fabulous cupcake tees.

And when the little ones aren't so sweet,
you can send them to this playhouse for a little alone time.
Now isn't that a treat?

This playhouse fits over a standard card table.
How fantastic is that?!

Cupcake toppers by
Brixton Lane
Cupcake Birthday Shirts by Olive&Ollie
Cupcake Playhouse by Imaginative Play Toys

Baby Cakes

Every little one is as cute as a cupcake.
Now you can outift them in one too.

Clockwise, starting top left:
Vanessa and Company Cupcake Dress
Snooky Doodles Cupcake Burp Cloth Set
Skeeterbug Cupcake Clippies
Pretty Little Cupcake Mary Janes


We're obsessing over cupcakes right now.
Little ones, big ones.
Pink ones, white ones.
Vanilla, Lemon, Orange, Peanut Butter Chocolate.
We really love our cupcakes.
This month you'll see lots of cupcake posts,
mostly because we are celebrating the birthday
of our very favorite younger cupcake, Amy!

Happy soon-to-be b-day!