Royal Bits

We know we told you yesterday to KEEP CALM, but...the wedding program has been released and we simply had to share. These are some of our favorite images, courtesy of The Royal Wedding website. It is a long program (25+ pages!), but an amazing keepsake for guests. And it certainly gives them some great reading material while they are waiting for all 1,900 people to take a seat. L.O.V.E. the map!

And in honor of The Royal Wedding tomorrow morning, here are a few last minute links and tidbits to guide the loyal wedding viewers through the next 24 hours...
The schedule of events.
A guide to what to expect for the royal wedding.
The wedding by numbers.
A survival guide for wedding widowers.
The list of the lucky 1,900 to receive an invite.
Proof that we are adding fuel to the fire.
Always wanted to know the answer to this question.
And this is funny!
We would be Lady Betty Beamer Sunshine and Lady Margaret Jessie Cedar.

There is so much more, we know, but you wedding viewers need to get your beauty rest for tomorrow morning!

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