Getting Ready for a New Year

Our favorite calendar is the Linnea calendar. A classic beauty that artfully depicts each month. We love handing this one on our wall. And it makes the perfect gift, too!

Where Have We Been? is that time of year...

Busy as elves, working at the store.

And then it's also that time of year to be sick. Why is it always during the winter and why just before Christmas? We've been taking a break because one of us has mono (erin) and one of us took time off (amy) to take care of their sick sister. Now, how sweet is that?

We'll be back soon. We promise.

Our New Addition
We have always worked with brides, and grooms, and mother-of-the-brides and event planners and corporate coordinators. We have always done welcome bags. We have always delivered. But...we have never done it quite this well. Quite this cute. Quite this charming. Quite this organized.

Finally, after seven years and enough prodding from each other, we have developed a customized and creative solution to the welcome bag.

Welcome to theHELLOtote! Welcome to hand-picked and hand-delivered goodies delivered to your guests for a memorable destination event. Cures for high-altidude woes, midnight munchies and goodies to steer your guests in the right direction all weekend (or week) long.

We source out some of the best items and focus on offering goods locally made in Colorado. With an office in Denver (hello! Erin) and a store in Basalt (hey! Amy) we are capable of serving the entire Rocky Mountain corrider.

We are so excited. And yet, we still have so much to do...

Seven is the Magic Number

It is unbelievable to think that seven years ago yesterday,
we became the proud owners of Express Yourself.
We started out as four and we have grown so much over the years...
Adding babies and loved ones along the way...

My how time flies.
We are so blessed and grateful.
{Thank you}

Stay Tuned...

We are busy, busy entrepreneurs over here at Express Yourself {that would be Amy & Erin!} and we have been working hard on a new product offering. We will reveal the details...very soon. We are so excited! Especially for the upcoming wedding and event season! Stay tuned...

{OK...this is obviously an old picture. Seriously old. But this post couldn't be just text - just too boring. We are so busy we don't even have time to take a pciture of the two of us together. We'll try to get an updated photo soon!}