Friday Favorites: Vol. 3

Today we would say we have one, singular favorite. Stationery. Period. That is it.

There is something magical about picking out your monogram, deciding on your personal motif, selecting a font, choosing from all those fabulolus paper colors. And envelope liners. Oh my.

And that, our friends, is just the beginning. The next step would be crafting the letter. Whether it's personal, professional or just a quick thank you, there is something magical about the process. Put the stamp on. Hand address the envelope (imagine that). Hand it over to your mailman (yes, one of us still does that every day at their front door!). You are sending something so much better than a text, email or miscellany electronic message can ever be. When it reaches it's destination, that letter is bringing a little piece of you, from your home to theirs.

One of us still has a letter that our father wrote on a special birthday (you know - the ones that end in either a zero or a five). It's hanging above the desk and every tangible punctuation mark or cramped "e" is a gentle reminder of home, so very far away, but still authentic with that distinctive handwriting of Dad looking down every day.

Now how sweet is that.

Sneak Peek: Martha

Exciting news!

Debuting this spring will be the new Martha Stewart Weddings Collection!
According to Crane & Co.: The Martha Stewart Weddings collection will feature 24 invitation suites comprised of invitations, save-the-dates, and response cards in a range of styles designed to showcase Martha’s unique style and Crane’s timeless elegance. A distinctive selection of papers will include new calligraphic motifs and flourishes, decorative scrollwork, embroidery inspired designs, and hand-engraved details.

And according to Martha herself: I am delighted to share the Martha Stewart Stationery Weddings collection, crafted with master stationers Crane & Co. (We too are delighted!) From the first save-the-date card mailed to the last thank-you note received, a wedding creates a lovely paper suite. (We could not agree more!)

See you in May!

spring fever

Spring has sprung!
These are just some of our many favorite invites
for this time of year.
All available HERE.
To find out which flower suits your personality, click HERE.
And to see a complete list of the meaning of flowers, click HERE.

erin go bragh

For many people, the sight of a four leaf clover evokes memories of good luck charms and searching for the elusive shamrock in grandma's backyard. It is a representation of hope, love, faith and luck. But for some, seeing it pop up in shops and grocery stores is a sign for the greenest holiday around - St. Patrick's Day. Bring on the Irish beer, the leprechauns and the green garb, it's time to celebrate.

Invitation by Inviting Co.

Everyone's Irish for at least a day - best o' luck to you!

Invitation by Checkerboard

postal love

Who wouldn't love to get a package like this in the mail? A little Barbra at the front door can really bring a big smile and create in us a little inspiration. The best things in life really are almost free - this piece only cost $1.85 to mail. This album cover really is a "Second Hand Rose" for sure.

the write stuff

We love, love, love vintage typewriters. They evoke an era of non-electronic correspondence that included signatures in ink, postage stamps and the smell of fresh paper. This was when mailboxes served the purpose of delivering something more than just bills and junk mail.
We especially love this collection above as noted by decor8.

Our favorite idea is one that has been around for quite some time. Place some sheets of good, quality cotton paper (or one very long piece) out with an old typewriter and use it as a guest book. We think this is best for small, intimate weddings, as the guest entries will take some time to complete. Perfect for weddings of book lovers, writers and vintage enthusiastic couples.
Bride Beth commented, "Having a typewriter guestbook was really great! We have all of the pages in a scrapbook now and it is funny to read everyone’s comments." This picture above is from her wedding. How fun!

Type on friends, type on!

we're baaaaaack!

well, soon enough we will be.
seems we needed to take a break, organize, prioritize
and get our ducks in a row.

photo courtesy of gaetan lee and flickr