Top Ten: When Sick in Bed

1} iPad - Beyond necessary for lounging in bed. Can play Scramble With Friends, check up on e-mail, update Etsy listings, curate your Pinterest boards, and appear to most that you are, by all means, still functioning and not constantly streaming this...

2} Netflix - It has all of Season One of this show to catch up on - or replay - for your viewing enjoyment. Which show are we referring to? None other than...

3} Downton Abbey - With Season One of Downton Abbey covered on Netflix and a season pass for Season Two from iTunes or on PBS, you will be covered for approximately 16+ hours of entertainment. By the time you get to the end of Season Two and the Spanish Flu episode, you will be feeling rather selfish for taking to bed in the first place. But that's OK, because at least you'll look stylish wearing these...

4} Anthropologie Diamond Leggings - Beyond comfotable and an easy upgrade from your retired yoga pants (or worse) those grubby college sweats (we totally own a pair or two that do not deserve space in our wardrobe). These leggings will be the first thing you go for on sick days (or snow days).

5} bkr Bottle - Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And don't forget to drink some of this...

6} Emergen-C - Stay energized and get an extra dose of Vitamin C with Emergen-C to avoid an emergency.

7} Ricola - These cough drops are a staple for us. All natural and perfect for sore throats and coughs. You will always find a stash beside our bed. And in our purse. In our coat pockets. In the car. You get the picture.

8} Wendy's Frosty - When we need an extra throat coat we never settle for anything other than a frosty (chocolate, of course) from Wendy's. It is simply the best.

9} When it's time to finally get some sleep and sleep off this sick and tired - because, quite frankly, we're sick and tired of being sick and tired - then we pop in some of these earplugs and pop one of these over our eyes...

10} Eye Mask - So long sick. Hello sleep.

Day 46: Daily Words


Not only are these great words and simple, clean graphics - but this is also a free download courtesy of SissyPrint here! How is that for being honest and true!?!

Sending out an S.O.S.


What a rough two weeks. Sick and sicker, here. And just when we think it is going to get better, it just doesn't. But it will. It's just a rough patch and we shall soon steer our course to calmer, clearer waters. This too shall pass.

In the meantime, we'll share with you our Top Ten Favorites When Sick in Bed. These goodies should be on hand all the time, because you never know when you'll need them. Check back in a bit for that Top Ten list...

Day 45: Daily Words

These words have been spoken many times over, over many years. It is one of our favorite readings for weddings and today, Valentine's Day, is the perfect day to share them with you. A wedding blessing. But also a blessing of love.

May this be a day of new beginnings;
the sun, like a fragrant apple; the summer air,
soft on your hands as the kiss of a child.
May berries melt like honey on your tongue.
May your heart rise in wonder
at the clouds drifting across the sky.
May the trails under your boots
be covered in pine quills,
let the leaves rain down
like memories
in the autumn of your heart.
May the snow beneath your skis
run as fast as watered silk,
may the cold air kiss your cheeks,
turn them red as summer’s roses.
May the rivers always flow
with their unexpected beauty,
the first freshets of snowmelt,
the rush of early spring.
May you always walk in gladness
through whatever path or highway;
may you always walk within
the golden circle of your love.
- Barbara Crooker

Day 44: Daily Words

It only takes one apostrophe 
to change IMPOSSIBLE 
to I'm Possible.

Day 43: Daily Words

It is no coincidence 
that four of the six letters 
- Ed Northstrum