Preprinted Postage - Thumbs Up!

According to a recent article from MSNBC, the post office wants to test the possibility of allowing card companies to sell greeting cards with postage pre-applied to the envelope. There are definite advantages to this concept. No more running out for that last minute stamp. One last task at holiday greeting card time. And best of all, you could come to Express Yourself for one-stop shopping. We are looking forward to seeing how this proposal shapes up (and ships out!) and whether or not consumers give it the stamp of approval.

Holiday Trend #4

Holiday Trend #4: Lace and Doilies!

Like snowflakes drifting through the sky, or the sheen of ice on a window pane, this trend captures the beauty of the holiday season. Delicate lace and circular doilies adorned with Swarovski crystals add elegance and charm to any holiday sentiment. Remember, 10% off all holiday card orders!