Friday Favorites, Vol. 5

The recycled Pop Top Hand Bag
So reminds us of elementary school days
spent pulling off and saving those pop tops

Square Painted Bone Frames
The colors on these frames are just begging
to surround a photo of us at the beach

Super Student Clip Board
Because we love to proudly show off
our latest and greatest accomplishments
whether we're 5 or 55

Start Your Grills

Now that the season has kicked off with Memorial Day
and the official start to summer just around the corner
(T-minus 23 days and seriously counting),
we figured we'd work up your appetite
for a backyard BBQ bash
or some of our delicious recipe books.

Drool on.
Grill on.
Bake on.
Get your drink on.
Enjoy this start to what will surely be
one great summer.

Busy Bees...

We certainly have been busy little bees these past two weeks.
The National Stationery Show in NY kept us on our toes
we are working on developing our own line of invitations too!

We'll be back in action here online tomorrow
but in the meantime
we'll keep working away.

Photo via Flickr

Color Inspiration: Orange & Turquoise

The perfect summer party colors.
Vibrant and festive.
So striking together.
Perfect to set the tone for a summer wedding,
bridal shower, backyard bash or birthday soiree.
Invitation: Checkerboard

Budding Flowers Everywhere

“The flower that follows the sun does so even in cloudy days”
- Robert Leighton

These letters spell L-O-V-E!

We came across this chair on the jcaroline blog
and we fell in L-O-V-E!
It is from the BHG 100 Decorating Ideas Under $100 magazine.

Chipboard letters are glued to the chair
and then covered with spray paint.
What a great, inexpensive and unique decorating idea.
Click on this link for an awesome table blogger Jen Duncan created.

Friday Favorites, Vol. 4

Our favorites today
are perfect gifts for Mom.
Or us.
(Really, Erin has a lot of this sitting on her dresser.)
They're all just so sweet.

Tokyomilk Perfume,
Soaps and Lip Balms.
Delicious scents.
Beautiful Packaging.
All wrapped up and ready to go.
Just waiting for you here.

perfume: $32.00
soap: $14.00
lip balm: $14.00

True North

compass necklace at express yourself: $24.00
It seems especially true these days that we all seek our true path.
A new path perhaps. Or our true calling.
We seek direction and guidance.
Whether we are world travelers
or locals looking to stay put,
we can all certainly put our internal compass to test
to see which way is our way.
Here are some items that are particularly useful in
reminding you of where you are
and where you are going.
compass wall art from ChuckEBrydWallArt on Etsy

compass notebook from Julie Boyles on Etsy

compass place cards from LHCalligraphy on Etsy

A Little Birdie Told Me...

No...we're not talking about Twitter.
We don't tweet.
We do things the old fashioned way around here.
Smoke signals, pony express and a first-class stamp are more our style.
(Yes, we do realize we're blogging this very moment...)

Instead of limiting ourselves to 140 characters of what the current state of affairs is around here, we opt to send letters in the mail. You know, like the good old days? When the only news you really needed came by post.

Here's a lovely box of stationery sure to get your words on paper once again.
Mudlark Stationery Set: $22.50
Silver Bird: $18.00

Picture This

We love these wee little frames
for framing all the wee little ones in our life.
Perfectly sized for a school photo
they are cheery and perfect for any nursery, bedroom
or even the kid's bathroom!

And so pleasantly priced too.
Milano Animal Frames: $16

Mom Monday

This week is all about MOM.
Because even though every day should be Mother's Day,
it officially comes once a year.
This year celebrate your Mom(s) on Sunday, May 10th.

For a mom that enjoys cooking,
try the Kitchen Playdates book
so she can cook up a storm with her little ones.

And for those mothers more likely to be found in Downward Dog
than in the kitchen, there is Fit Mama.
Perfect for the new mama in your life.

For those moms who shout at their kids
and it sounds exactly like their own mother,
there is the Anne Taintor book
I'm Becoming My Mother.

Whichever mother is in your life,
Whether as your mom or your wife,
There is always a way to celebrate her way,
Especially this Mother's Day.

Happy May Day!

In the 20th Century, May Day was often celebrated with baskets of flowers adorning your neighbor's front door. A sweet, anonymous surprise that has faded from our traditions.

In the words of Louisa May Alcott:
"...It was the custom of the children to hang them on the doors of their friends the night before May-day..."

Consider gathering some flowers, creating a simple and pretty paper cone and show your neighbor some bloomin' love.

Follow these simple instructions here.
Photo via Flikr and John Morgan