Nourish: Letter Writing

In the frenzy of text messages, tweets, status updates, 
blogging, and e-mails, 
we often forget how nice it is to receive a letter in the mail. 
A real-stamped-sealed-signed-delivered by a human-letter in the mail.
How many of you can recognize the handwriting of your friends? Your family? 

I keep a box of notes, cards and letters. 
A couple boxes, actually.
And I frequently fill them up with whatever I get in the mail
that I want to remember in the future.

I can recognize who each letter is from 
just by the handwriting.
{That's my sister above!}
And I love that.
I really do.

Otherwise I wouldn't keep these memories around.
For so long.
But they are a connection to my family and friends
that is so much more tangible
than any e-mail or facebook shout out
will ever be.

So I encourage you to sit down this week 
and write one letter. Just one.
To your parents, your sister, whomever.
That is all we are asking.

And if you really don't have anyone to write to,
you can write to me.
It's my birthday week after all.


Day 10: Daily Words