Great Giraffe

A great, generous giraffe print that is whimsical, fun and just festive enough for the holiday season! Get your family photo now and order your holiday cards soon!

A Sweet Delight!

You can never bake, eat or dream of too many gingerbread men! Make sure all your friends and family are prepared for the holiday season by sending this cookie cutter holiday card! Available at Express Yourself.

Felted, not Welted

Have you ever wanted to just scream at your husband (or girlfriend, or roommate, or bunkmate) because their slimy, nasty soap keeps sliding all over the shower? Why can't that block of soap just stay put? Well, here is one solution that really does the dirty work and looks good to boot. Fiat Luxe Felted Soap from Anthropologie is the perfect stocking stuffer, housewarming treat or guest goody. Five scents, handmade in the USA and so darn pretty. Want to make your own? Check out this tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets.

Send Holiday Cheer

It's that time if year to start thinking about sending holiday cheer! We have fabulous cards at an even more fabulous price! Stop in to take a look. Too busy with the kiddos? Email Amy at for more information and pricing. Order by the end of the month to get 10% off. If you need a photo, check out Luminance Photography!

Bride Pride

We have worked with a lot of brides. And they are all unique, creative, excited and specific about their wedding. But we have really only worked with one bride that also happens to be one of the most accomplished snowboarders in the entire world. The lovely and delightful Gretchen Bleiler. Working on her entire wedding suite, we were excited to have her wedding program featured in the January 2010 BRIDES magazine, as featured above. And this amazing shot below? We discovered this pic of Gretchen and her wedding invitation by Express Yourself on her Official Facebook Fan Page. Love it!

Passport to Town

Here is a custom welcome letter for a Bar Mitzvah that takes everyone on a journey around the world, without ever leaving the beautiful town of Aspen. The perfect passport to what to do, when, where and why! A custom job by Express Yourself and EKS Events.

A Little Note of Thanks

Crane & Co. children's stationery by Express Yourself

In this era of texting, tweeting, instant messaging and e-mailing, children and teens have instant access to anyone and everyone. It's a time of too much and too little all at once. Is it uncommon for a tween to text a thank you to friends and family for their birthday gifts? Sadly, no. They may not even practice the art of a proper Thank You all together, simply never thanking their gift giver at all. Birthdays and holidays are the perfect opportunity to teach children the art of giving thanks. This can be a lesson in gratitude they carry with them for life. Here is a little help to get them started:
Step 1: Stationery, paper, pencils and markers are necessary to get your child excited about expressing their thanks. Let them help select what they like and want to use.
Step 2: Make a list of who and what. Writing down the gifts received right away creates order and an automatic checklist for writing the notes.
Step 3: Do it sooner, rather than later. Not only will the child still remember the gift, but they will still be excited about it.
Step 4: Remember to encourage your child to include what the gift was, how it made them feel, why they like it and/or what they plan on doing with the gift. Even a small reference to thanking them for coming to their party or sending something from so far will go a long way.
Step 5: Let your child have fun and write/draw what they want - don't micromanage this task. It can certainly make for some more interesting and memorable notes! Our mom has one note on her bulletin board from a family child friend - she was writing thanks for a pen she received and wrote the pen is great...minus the space between the pen and get the idea!
Step 6: Address, stamp and send. Let your child pick out the stamps and drop the notes in the mailbox. Remind them how excited they are when they receive a handwritten note in the mail (so rare these days!).
Step 6: Let your child see you write your own thank you notes. If we continue to express our thanks, our children will learn to show their gratitude too.

{write on!}

Vegas for the Ladies

As we have said before, Vegas is not just for the men. Here is another great, custom invitation for a ladies bachelorette weekend in Vegas!

Holiday Trend #2

Holiday Trend #2: Vintage Woodland.
Similar to a wood‐burning stove, or the scent of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, this trend lends an air of nostalgia and a fondness for holidays gone‐by. Woodland creatures and comforts adorned with holiday cheer help to warm the season’s spirit.

Holiday Trend #1

Holiday Trend #1: Candy Stripes!
Like a stack of candy canes or a row of candied ribbon, this trend has the sweetness of a fond childhood memory. Playful ribbons and stripes colored in whimsical hues of pink, white and red help to brighten the holiday season! Order your holiday cards today to save 10%!