Baby Wrapper = Happy Napper

We've got baby on the brain this week. Or baby in the house, really. How can you not think about baby products when you've got a little puddle of baby newness sleeping soundly right by your side. The reason for that sleeping baby? Read on.

The best new baby item to hit the store is the Swaddler by Peanut Shell. It's super easy to snuggle baby inside, wrap and secure with velcro strips. Lined with super luxe fleece and printed in fetching designs. Stick your baby in one and they will soon be off to la-la land. We tested it on our newsest Express Yourself addition, baby Ada, who is four weeks today. She loves it and her mom (me!) loves it even more. Because a happy baby is a very happy mom.

Cardboard Cot for the Tot

Lil Sugar had this post about eco-friendly nurseries and I loved/loathed the Cardboard Cot. I am currently re-vamping one toddler bedroom and creating a new nursery for the bundle of joy that joined our family a few weeks ago and am undergoing a bed/crib dilemma. But when I saw this bed, I hesitated at what to really think. What is the real feedback from someone who owns one? Has it withstood the tenacity of a toddler or the fluid output of a newborn? You have to wonder if someone had a litter of puppies in a box and thought, "Yep, we could make a bigger version for the kids to sleep in!". Yes, it's unique. Yes, it's pricey. Yes, it's got that eco-friendly vibe. Yes, it moves easily (wheels!). Yes, it is somewhat ridiculous. I mean...the thing comes shipped in a cardboard box as it is. Does that mean you get two cots for the price of one? Perfect, beacuse I have two kids now.

From One Mom (or Dad) to Another

For our fellow moms, dads, family-types and nurturers out there...

Here is a (short) list of (many) popular parenting bloggers.
Take a visit with some of them. Enjoy their insight, knowledge, giveaways (yes!)
and plethora of beautiful photos and ideas.
You will laugh, you may cry, you might even be inspired.
Click on and click away. You never know where you might end up.

and the list could go on and on...

Spotted: Flowers Everlasting

Photo from Fantasy Floral Designs

This just in from Daily Candy Weddings:
Jewel of the Aisle
A bridal bouquet that is made entirely
of brooches, pins, earrings
and other special jewelry mementoes
from friends and family.
You gather the goods, send them in to
and have a keepsake bouquet
that won't wilt, die or gather dust
when you preserve the flowers
from your wedding day.
How perfect that your bouquet
can now be as eternal as your love.

See more pictures in the Daily Candy gallery here...

Great Expectations

A custom baby shower invitation
that pops with creativity
and fills out the mailbox in style.
Starting at $6 each, these are beautiful enough
to decorate the fridge...or oven
long after baby is born.
for your custom invitation designs.