Leap Day Links

Happy Leap Day! We are pretty excited to get an extra day this year. So excited, we can't choose exactly what to do. But here are some ideas on what we're thinking of to help inspire you..

{ l e a p  o n }

Day 60: Daily Words


Day 58: Daily Words

One of our favorite places
- and -
one of our favorite quotes.

Behind the Curtain: Sunday Nights

While we would LOVE to be curled up on the couch, every Sunday night, it is definitely not always our reality. They say that when you own your own retail business, you get to choose which 60 hours a week to work. Sometimes it's more like 80 and more than likely, it often includes that sacred Sunday. Here is what we were up to late last night, with our apologies to the Oscars.
Prepping color samples for a bride in Nebraska. Thinking we like the teal best. And getting our packages and post together for the Monday run to the post office. And to think that the week has just begun. Busy, busy behind the curtain. Yes, we are.

Day 57: Daily Words



Day 56: Daily Words

Yep...we keep failing on these weekend posts. In honor of our failure, we'll leave you with these five (in)famous words.

Oops...I did it again.
- Britney Spears

Coordinate Fever


We were featured in an etsy treasury yesterday and we are loving the theme that the curator, Faith, used for this gathering of goods. She certainly co-ordinated the coordinates. Our Custom Longitude Latitude Stationery is shown above. Here are some more up close images.

The 5" x 7" flat notes come personalized with your initials and location of choice. And you get to choose your ink and envelope colors. The stationery is available to order on our etsy site!

{ w r i t e  o n }
{ t r a v e l  o n }

Day 54: Daily Words


This J.R.R. Tolkien quote is one of our favorites. And we are loving this custom longitude/latitude tag by Mesa Dreams of Golden, Colorado. Practically in out backyard! Check out more of their work here on etsy.

{ t r a v e l   o n w a r d}

P.S. Did you figure out the location for the coordinates on the tag?!?

Day 53: Daily Words


Hump Day Help


Feeling a little rough around the edges after a big Carnival celebration last night? You need this fantastic How To Make A Bloody Mary poster from kellylasserre on Etsy. Anyone could follow these easy steps when groggy and foggy the next day. Because we know if there is nothing worse than hump day, Wednesday, it is hump day hungover.

Mardi Gras Greatness


In honor of Fat Tuesday, we'll be making this King Cake, as pictured above. Are you drooling? We totally are. And our kids will love the sprinkles. Especially the purple ones. Our celebration will be tame (definitely rhymes with lame) and at home this year. We'll probably toss around a few beads, as the little ones find the sparkly strands irresistible. And have our own parade around the house with purple, gold and green streamers. But first, we'll eat that cake. Yum.

Here are a few great Mardi Gras links to get your own party going...

{c e l e b r a t e}

Day 52: Daily Words

- Ed Muniz

Paper Parade: Red, White and New

In honor of President's Day, we thought we'd share some of our new favorite red, white and blue stationery pieces. Write on...

Waffle Cone Blue Flat Note from Stacy Claire Boyd

Awning Stripe Flat Notes from Boatman Geller

Seaglass Enclosure Notes by Picme! Prints

Kate Red Notes from Boatman Geller

Custom Photo Notepad by Putnam House

Mod Diamond Cherry Flat Notes from Boatman Geller

Repp Tie Red and Navy Flat Cards

Stripe Red and Navy Luggage Tags from Boatman Geller

All stationery items available from Express Yourself

We're getting into the patriotic spirit after this post and already looking forward to summer and the 4th of July. Definitely looking forward to summer. Yes, already!

Day 51: Daily Words

{by Express Yourself}

We hope President Washington doesn't mind that we took the liberty of altering the quote just a bit. Quality in equality for men and (wo)men.

Behind the Curtain: Spain with Amy + Erin...the Video

You see us at work, or around town, but do you often wonder what we really do on our time off? Well, the Behind the Curtain posts are a peek into our lives just a bit more. Beyond the dinners and drinks where we see you all around town and even beyond the weddings and celebrations where we talk about our families and kids. We do a lot more than all of that in our free time (what little we often have!). We keep busy with horses and kids, and kids on horses. With photography and reading and writing and baking and making and crafting and creating. Decorating and dining and shopping for houses and pastures. We also love to travel.  And we have a keen eye for finding things we love all over the world.

Last Spring, we (Amy + Erin) had the opportunity to travel to Spain with our family. When we say family, we mean our parents. No spouses or boyfriends or kids. One of those rare, adult opportunities to travel with Mom and Dad and good family friends - we hope not just once in a lifetime, but we are well aware these trips are not going to be annual! Just ask Mr. Jones how he handled ten days alone with two toddlers!!

Here is a sneak peek of some pictures we'll soon be posting in the coming days and weeks. This video was shot by Amy, all on an iPhone (amazing!) and captures just a small essence of our total experience. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoy reliving that Spring in Spain.

{travel well}

Day 48: Daily Words


Loving the quote in this fantastic print by Flourish Cafe on Etsy.

Day 47: Daily Words


Note: We do not know where the original source is for this image. 
If you do, please let us know. Thanks!!!

Top Ten: When Sick in Bed

1} iPad - Beyond necessary for lounging in bed. Can play Scramble With Friends, check up on e-mail, update Etsy listings, curate your Pinterest boards, and appear to most that you are, by all means, still functioning and not constantly streaming this...

2} Netflix - It has all of Season One of this show to catch up on - or replay - for your viewing enjoyment. Which show are we referring to? None other than...

3} Downton Abbey - With Season One of Downton Abbey covered on Netflix and a season pass for Season Two from iTunes or on PBS, you will be covered for approximately 16+ hours of entertainment. By the time you get to the end of Season Two and the Spanish Flu episode, you will be feeling rather selfish for taking to bed in the first place. But that's OK, because at least you'll look stylish wearing these...

4} Anthropologie Diamond Leggings - Beyond comfotable and an easy upgrade from your retired yoga pants (or worse) those grubby college sweats (we totally own a pair or two that do not deserve space in our wardrobe). These leggings will be the first thing you go for on sick days (or snow days).

5} bkr Bottle - Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And don't forget to drink some of this...

6} Emergen-C - Stay energized and get an extra dose of Vitamin C with Emergen-C to avoid an emergency.

7} Ricola - These cough drops are a staple for us. All natural and perfect for sore throats and coughs. You will always find a stash beside our bed. And in our purse. In our coat pockets. In the car. You get the picture.

8} Wendy's Frosty - When we need an extra throat coat we never settle for anything other than a frosty (chocolate, of course) from Wendy's. It is simply the best.

9} When it's time to finally get some sleep and sleep off this sick and tired - because, quite frankly, we're sick and tired of being sick and tired - then we pop in some of these earplugs and pop one of these over our eyes...

10} Eye Mask - So long sick. Hello sleep.

Day 46: Daily Words


Not only are these great words and simple, clean graphics - but this is also a free download courtesy of SissyPrint here! How is that for being honest and true!?!

Sending out an S.O.S.


What a rough two weeks. Sick and sicker, here. And just when we think it is going to get better, it just doesn't. But it will. It's just a rough patch and we shall soon steer our course to calmer, clearer waters. This too shall pass.

In the meantime, we'll share with you our Top Ten Favorites When Sick in Bed. These goodies should be on hand all the time, because you never know when you'll need them. Check back in a bit for that Top Ten list...

Day 45: Daily Words

These words have been spoken many times over, over many years. It is one of our favorite readings for weddings and today, Valentine's Day, is the perfect day to share them with you. A wedding blessing. But also a blessing of love.

May this be a day of new beginnings;
the sun, like a fragrant apple; the summer air,
soft on your hands as the kiss of a child.
May berries melt like honey on your tongue.
May your heart rise in wonder
at the clouds drifting across the sky.
May the trails under your boots
be covered in pine quills,
let the leaves rain down
like memories
in the autumn of your heart.
May the snow beneath your skis
run as fast as watered silk,
may the cold air kiss your cheeks,
turn them red as summer’s roses.
May the rivers always flow
with their unexpected beauty,
the first freshets of snowmelt,
the rush of early spring.
May you always walk in gladness
through whatever path or highway;
may you always walk within
the golden circle of your love.
- Barbara Crooker

Day 44: Daily Words

It only takes one apostrophe 
to change IMPOSSIBLE 
to I'm Possible.

Day 43: Daily Words

It is no coincidence 
that four of the six letters 
- Ed Northstrum

Day 42: Daily Words

...love is patient. love is kind...

Here is to Andy & Noel.

Day 40 & 41: Daily Words

We missed a day. We were sick. 
But we took the following words to heart, 
as our heart whispered, "You need a rest."

And today we are living by the following words.
So important to remember when stress and setbacks are all you see.

This weekend especially we are going to enjoy the ride.

And as for the V-Day ideas we were going to share, hang on.
We promise they'll be up by Sunday.
Perfect timing for you last-minuters!

Day 39: Daily Words


We adore this Hellen Keller quote. More than five years ago it adorned the wedding invitations of Mrs. Jones (the future Mrs. Jones at the time, obviously!). Still celebrating love. And great words of wisdom. Every day.

Valentine's Day: Getting Carried Away


We are getting carried away for V-Day.
With the day less than a week away, we are gathering ideas for valentine's, gifts and great decor.
Check back tomorrow for all the details.
Until then...

Football for the Men, Shopping for You


Save the Dates (for you newly engaged ones!) and
Calling Cards, ID Tags & Stickers
are all 30% off when you shop online.

Be sure to use code: HAPPY30

Day 36: Daily Words

It does.
Ain't no mountain high enough...

Super Bowl Sunday: 2012

So this amazing Dish Network commercial {above} is supposed to start airing Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, perhaps during the Super Bowl. Keep an eye out for it on your T.V. because see that cute baby? She is totally one of ours.

OK, enough about us. Here are some great super bowl recipes to try out tomorrow. So check out the links, get your grocery list together and get your shopping done so you can sit back, relax and have some good grub while watching the game. Whether you are rooting for the Giants or the Patriots, our bet is all of these recipes will be a winner in your house.
Enjoy the game!

Day 35: Daily Words