Day 116: Daily Words

If you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen. -Conan O'Brien

Day 115: Daily Words

We didn't post our daily words yesterday. Sometimes we forget to set the posting date and time and our thoughts linger (in so many ways) in our drafts folder. But yesterday was different. Because some days there are simply no words or thoughts to grasp you, motivate you, compel you to action. Why? Well, perhaps we can explain it all one day, but for now we leave you with these words of wisdom from Plato: BE KIND. FOR EVERYONE YOU MEET IS FIGHTING A HARD BATTLE. We'll be back tomorrow. With more uplifting thoughts, perhaps?!

Day 110: Daily Words

Some days I prefer to take the road never travelled. - e.j.

Nourish: The Conversation


This article from Ashely Judd in response to critical media reviews regarding her appearance is an intelligent and thoughtful piece that everyone should read. She chose to speak out publicly on behalf of all women - all girls - all men. You may think we are pushing feminism, but there is more to take from her piece. Even though the article is primarily in reference to the, "assault on our body image" as women, it also applies to the men in our world and the, "heteronormative definitions of masculinity that deny the full and dynamic range of their personhood." As women we are very aware that far too often we are so hard on ourselves for everything from our appearance to our professional lives to our relationships and our ability to be a "good" mother. This article may give you the opportunity to step back and reconsider the internal conversations you are having with yourself that often result in negative external conversations with others. Read the article. Then read the response from Forbes. Join the conversation. It all begins within ourselves to change. Because as Ashley states in the original article, "The insanity has to stop." 

Day 102: Daily Words

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Day 100: Daily Words

A perfect Monday morning mantra:


Behind the Curtain: Spain with Amy + Erin, Part 1

We teased you with a short video a few weeks ago about our trip to Spain. Here are a few photos from that adventure, starting with Barcelona on Day One. We stayed at an amazing apartment on Passeig de Gracia. we would highly recommended these apartments for families or groups traveling together. There were eight of us and between two apartments we could do brunch, cocktails and games just right. A short stroll down the street was a large market to purchase food and wine (lots of wine!) and the quintessential dice for some games of 10,000. And in every direction discoveries awaited us - from museums to shopping to eating.

Our apartment was the perfect location for venturing on Day One. Our first stop was the Museu Picasso (no pictures and some strict security guards!) in the Barri Gotic - The Gothic Quarter. The roads are narrow - more like footpaths, that wind their way through this darker - but historically impressive district.

We wandered out of the district and towards the port. Clean lines married with historic architecture. The sunshine, fresh air and the sea beckoned us.

Typical tourists, we stopped to assess our footwear. Some of us had blisters the next day (no surprise there!)

From the port we strolled north towards Bogatell Beach. This beach was created for the Barcelona Olympic Games - an impressive fact to comprehend when standing amidst all that sand.

Still quite jetlagged, we ambled through streets and past Ciutadella on our way home.

Day Two up next!!

One Year Later: A Day for RAD

One year ago today we lost our friend, Adam Dennis. Still at a loss for words, but this video captures so much of him. Check out Adam's footage from his last day skiing the backside of Aspen Highlands. We miss you RAD.

Day 95: Daily Words

Perhaps yesterday's daily words, which accidentally was without an image or a link, should have just read as: Silence is Golden. This might just be a better way to word that...