The 3/50 Project

As small business owners, our credo is:
Do Something Local Every Day

You can substitute your town/city with the word "local".
It really is that simple.

The 3/50 Project is dedicated to supporting the local businesses.
How? Commit to spending $50 a month in three locally owned, independent businesses.
Why? For every $100 spend at locally owned, independent businesses,
$68 goes back into the local economy.
For every $100 spent at national retailers,
only $43 goes back into the local economy.

As local business owners since 2004, we have recently
taken the opportunity to participate.
This project brings the facts to the forefront
about the stake we each claim in supporting our local economy.

You can join The 3/50 Project by visiting their website
Anyone can register as a supporter whether you are a storefront retail store, brick and mortar business, association, group, manufacturer, wholesaler, sales agency, national/regional brand name, council member, or individual.

Registration is free, flyers are free, information is free.

Educating ourselves and each other on the positive economic impact
of supporting local businesses is priceless.

We are excited to be a part of this project,
both as a business and as individuals.
We hope you are too.

Taco Tuesday

One tradition that we love celebrating is
Taco Tuesday!
With family and friends joining us
it's a great and easy dinner.
And what goes oh so well with tacos?
Margaritas, of course!

Here are some of our favorite marg invites:

invitation by Inviting Co.

invitation by Stevie Streck

And if you want a great margarita
visit Bethenny Frankel's website
for this recipe.

Here's to traditions.

We'll drink to that!

Our Mountains

We are back together here in the mountains of Colorado.
Amy has been here all along
and Erin is finally back here
for a short visit.

Somehow mountains continue to play a roll in our lives.
Physically and symbolically they keep popping up everywhere.
Life is a series of peaks and valleys.
Wednesday is hump day.
Over the hill.

This quote really sums it up for us:
"I should be content to look at a mountain for what it is,
and not as a comment on my life." - David Ignatow

Well, these mountains are beautiful.
It's as simple as that.
It feels good to be home.
For now.

Oh Happy Day!

As you read this we are at a wedding.
Or about to be at a wedding.
Or recovering from the wedding.
Either way, it's a great day.
We love the bride & groom
and we are so honored to be a part of the first day
of their marriage.
So here is a little blessing for our friends Mere & Matt:
Now you will feel no rain,
For each of you will be
shelter to the other.
Now you will feel no cold,
For each of you will be
warmth to the other.
Now there is no loneliness,
For each of you will be
companion to the other.
Now you are two bodies,
But there is only one
life before you.
Go now to your dwelling place
To enter into the days of
your togetherness
And may your days be good
and long upon the earth.
- Apache Wedding Prayer

We'll be sure to post more wedding details soon - stay tuned!

A Spare Button

We were in a rush.
The train was leaving the station any minute
and the present was not wrapped.
A quick check of the wrapping supplies
turned up some packing paper...and nothing else.
Our inner creative diva had failed to stock up on her own stationery store supplies.
But we rallied and rescued the package with a little homemade touch.

Some string and ribbon scraps together with all those extra buttons we've never used
turned this package from a dud to a stud.

Our Favorite Friends

They are furry.
They are approximately 20 inches tall.
They are our favorite little friends at Express Yourself.
We love our Jellycats.
From the cat with the longest tail ever
to the pink elephant
and the curious monkey.
We've spotted them at aquariums in Connecticut
nurseries in California
and on airplanes soaring over America.
They are loved by everyone, everywhere.


We know, today is tax day.
You either have to part with a lot of green
or you might be lucky enough to get some in return.
Either way, we love these green frames sitting on our shelves.
We love them so much, we might just frame our tax return.
Ha, not!

So long 2008

We really love our Snow & Graham calendars.
So much so that we still had it hanging on our wall.
It was a 2008 calendar and it's April...time to move on.
But we didn't have to separate from our love for last year completely.

A quick visit to the dollar store presented us with some great 8"x10" frames
and an opportunity to create some art for our kitchen and bathroom.
We simply cut out the images, framed and hung.
So 2008 can live on in a more timely fashion.

Monday, Monday

Monday. Oh what a day.

The start of a fresh week, but another day back at the office.

Spend some spare time nurturing your inner Picasso (or Pollock, whatever)
at this site.

Drag the mouse around.
Click to change your color.
Press the space bar to clear your masterpiece.

Paint on!

Hop To It!

image: kate spade announcement available at Express Yourself
With the Easter holiday upon (most of) us
it finally feels like Spring is here.
Such a beautiful time of year.
But bunnies and chicks are more than a holiday icon,
they are cute reminders of the other little peeps in our lives.
These invites and cards work well for this coming weekends celebration
as well as for birth announcement elations.
How appropriate in this season of
rebirth, rejoice and renewal.

images clockwise from top left:
Crane & Co. Ducky Notes
Inviting Co. Easter Eggs
Checkerboard Floppy Bunny Announcement
Inviting Co. Bunny Invite
all available at Express Yourself
Bunnies really do come out to play at this time of year.
Now hop to it!


Guess who Amy ran into (literally!) outside Express Yourself in Basalt this afternoon?
None other than William H. Macy!
That's our celebrity news of the day...
photo from Mai Le on flickr HERE

If only this was the real thing...

How High Can We Go?

Attention ladies!
Spring and Summer party season has begun.
It's time to dig out the heels,
maybe purchase a new pair or two,
and get your high on.
We love these invites from Stevie Streck.
They always get us in the party mood.
Next up, flip flops.

It's No Joke!

Express Yourself
in Basalt, Colorado is offering
25% OFF
all in-stock
Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags!
* * * *
Backpacks (like the Blue Danube shown above - delish!)
Shoulder Bags
Cake Bags & Scout Totes
* * * *
Visit them in Downtown Basalt
or contact them HERE.
* * * *
Get 'em before they are all gone!
* * * *
We'd buy them all, but Erin already owns three...although she is certainly contemplating a fourth addition to her diaper bag collection.