Shark Week, Part 1

We almost forgot it was Shark Week. Except for the fact that everyone is talking about it. Really. We're not exactly sure how this turned into a weeklong extravaganza, but it did. Until flying monkey week - or hippopotamus week - comes along, we'll give you this.

In honor of these creatures, we'll gather up some invitation and stationery ideas for you tomorrow.


One of our favorite things we do for brides&grooms, event planners and party people is theHELLOtote. This summer has kept us happily busy with orders and deliveries. Because, really, anyone who comes to Aspen needs at least a mini survival kit. And a nice hello!

We also offer theHELLOtote for other cities, states or any custom event you have in mind. You can look at more details on our wesbite here.