Thoughts for Today: Trees

it is so hard to see the forest
through the trees.

but chaos and craziness can be good.
and the trees are beautiful.
and there is yet a forest to explore and discover.

:: happy fall ::

Looking Ahead

We have had a year of big changes in 2012 and 2013 is looking even bigger and brighter and full of amazing opportunities. While life with Express Yourself and theHELLOtote is busy, whether in Denver or Basalt, I have to be honest that we (my sis and I) desire to get out of our comfort zone just a bit more. We need to be inspired so that we can be inspiring to others. We need to branch out and network and be prepared for upcoming changes and what we hope are amazing things to come our way. This need to get out more became apparent when I recently realized my four-year old has acquired more frequent flier miles than I have in the past twelve months. And especially so when I look at our blog posts and realize I have not put anything up since July. It's a sad situation, really.

Some might say that to get inspired you need to be bored, while others suggest that anyone can be more creative if they just tap into it. One has to admire all the viewpoints, however I really have my heart set on the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City. It is so amazing and inspiring just to read about the bloggers and collaborators from last year and we would l.o.v.e. to actually attend. Not only is Alt SLC the perfect time of year (hello new year, hello new ideas) but it happens to fall right after my birthday (a composite number that I shall not reveal). And it's the winter and I've always wanted to ski in Park City. And did I mention a relative lives nearby that just bought a new house that I would love to visit?!? It's meant to be, really. 

Except for the fact it is sold out. 

So, while I am currently here ---> in Colorado, I'll just keep dreaming about being there ---> in SLC. And of course, I will keep up with the Alt actions from afar. In my pajamas. While my four-year old jaunts off with her grandmother on yet another fun trip.

For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog. Go on now...

- e.m.j.

Bus Birthday

Inspired by a friend's bus birthday for her daughter's third birthday (we'll share that one tomorrow!) - we set up a fun, bus themed party for our oldest daughter last weekend. She had fifteen friends and classmates come over for a Fun Bus party. The Fun Bus has mats, swings, and lots of gymnastics items inside and two instructors kept the kids happily entertained for a whole hour. All we had to do was put together the decorations and prep some lunch and birthday treats for the kids and sit back and wait for the bus to arrive on the party day. One of the easiest parties ever!

Favors included a yellow school bus, some sunglasses and tootsie rolls  - because that is totally how we roll and we all had a wheel good time!!

Lunch was served up snack-size style in ice cube trays. With that many kids, it was easier to give them a little bit of everything to please any and all picky palettes. We included: corn, yogurt covered raisins, goldfish, strawberries, edamame, grapes, teddy grahams, apples, peas, pirate's booty, turkey, pineapple, blueberries and pretzels.

:: ride on ::

Lenny + Eva

:: New in Store ::

Lenny & Eva, salvaged sentiments, are in store now. Leather wraps and necklaces, with sentiments and charms. Clever, interchangeable, surely sentimental and entirely personal. The combinations and options are practically endless. We love this quote above: " The greatest thing she learned is that there's no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one." We agree.

After Chevron Comes What?

We know our clients are not tired of it, and some days we downright love it, but the redundancy of a design or pattern can often become a bit tiresome for us. Especially when we look at paper and products and design every single day. Take chevron, for example. This classic pattern is trending everywhere right now and as with home goods and fashion, stationery is generally right on trend. 

Flame Stitch too. A cousin of chevron that has more of an organic vibe.

Ikat abounds and has been on the radar of designers for quite some time.

Houndstooth has been popping up again this past season and we're wondering if we'll see more of it come fall and winter.

What's next? 
If you know, let us in on the trend to come! 
We would love to play around with some fresh new patterns.

Basalt {BASH} This Weekend

Join us this weekend in Downtown Basalt!
Fun for Families. 
Fun for Kids.
Fun for All.

And you may even catch a glimpse 
of this beauty while you are there.
That would be another "baby" of the Forsey/Express Yourself family!

:: ride on ::

When Life Hands You Lemons

::  via ::

Yes. You make lemonade. And then, you sit back and drink that lemonade. Soak it up. Take the bitter with the sweet. The sour with a smile.

Life has been handing us lemons lately. And that is OK. But we had to make a decision to let a few things go so that we could take care of business - in a personal way, that is. And the first thing to go was our daily entries on the blog. You may have missed us, or maybe you didn't notice. But either way, we're happy to say that we are happy to be back.

So sit back, pour yourself a tall glass of lemonade, and enjoy.

Day 116: Daily Words

If you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen. -Conan O'Brien

Day 115: Daily Words

We didn't post our daily words yesterday. Sometimes we forget to set the posting date and time and our thoughts linger (in so many ways) in our drafts folder. But yesterday was different. Because some days there are simply no words or thoughts to grasp you, motivate you, compel you to action. Why? Well, perhaps we can explain it all one day, but for now we leave you with these words of wisdom from Plato: BE KIND. FOR EVERYONE YOU MEET IS FIGHTING A HARD BATTLE. We'll be back tomorrow. With more uplifting thoughts, perhaps?!

Day 110: Daily Words

Some days I prefer to take the road never travelled. - e.j.

Nourish: The Conversation


This article from Ashely Judd in response to critical media reviews regarding her appearance is an intelligent and thoughtful piece that everyone should read. She chose to speak out publicly on behalf of all women - all girls - all men. You may think we are pushing feminism, but there is more to take from her piece. Even though the article is primarily in reference to the, "assault on our body image" as women, it also applies to the men in our world and the, "heteronormative definitions of masculinity that deny the full and dynamic range of their personhood." As women we are very aware that far too often we are so hard on ourselves for everything from our appearance to our professional lives to our relationships and our ability to be a "good" mother. This article may give you the opportunity to step back and reconsider the internal conversations you are having with yourself that often result in negative external conversations with others. Read the article. Then read the response from Forbes. Join the conversation. It all begins within ourselves to change. Because as Ashley states in the original article, "The insanity has to stop." 

Day 102: Daily Words

{via AMY}

Day 100: Daily Words

A perfect Monday morning mantra:


Behind the Curtain: Spain with Amy + Erin, Part 1

We teased you with a short video a few weeks ago about our trip to Spain. Here are a few photos from that adventure, starting with Barcelona on Day One. We stayed at an amazing apartment on Passeig de Gracia. we would highly recommended these apartments for families or groups traveling together. There were eight of us and between two apartments we could do brunch, cocktails and games just right. A short stroll down the street was a large market to purchase food and wine (lots of wine!) and the quintessential dice for some games of 10,000. And in every direction discoveries awaited us - from museums to shopping to eating.

Our apartment was the perfect location for venturing on Day One. Our first stop was the Museu Picasso (no pictures and some strict security guards!) in the Barri Gotic - The Gothic Quarter. The roads are narrow - more like footpaths, that wind their way through this darker - but historically impressive district.

We wandered out of the district and towards the port. Clean lines married with historic architecture. The sunshine, fresh air and the sea beckoned us.

Typical tourists, we stopped to assess our footwear. Some of us had blisters the next day (no surprise there!)

From the port we strolled north towards Bogatell Beach. This beach was created for the Barcelona Olympic Games - an impressive fact to comprehend when standing amidst all that sand.

Still quite jetlagged, we ambled through streets and past Ciutadella on our way home.

Day Two up next!!