Napkins on Etsy!

With party season almost here, we are happy to offer napkins for purchase on etsy with our (or your) custom design, motif or monogram. Yeah! Perfect to leave an impression on your guests - order extra for after your event! Contact us for more details or visit the etsy store online.

No, this is not our back office

Though sometimes it feels this way.

This is a project we found via etsy and detailed online here. It involves four printers, dating from 1880-1976 and the book is chain printed by all of them, each printing a different ink color. It appears to be a current installation in London. Check it out online here.

{SALE} into Spring!

Two's Company, Three's A Lot!

Following up on our Facebook sneak peek last week...

...Here are some pics from a fantastic baby shower this past weekend (ahem, we're slightly biased as we were helping shower the lovely Alex). The mom-to-be is expecting not one, not two, but three! The starting point for the theme was inspired by some fabulous fabric pieces her sister created. Colorful, bold and full of owls. From there, it was all sure to be a hoot, hoot, hoot of an event. And it was - thank you Mere for the sangria! Delish!

Childhood photos of mom and dad-to-be were a nostalgic treat.

A trio of posters by Amy at Express Yourself for the three babies!
Perfect for the nursery.

Fabric owls by Mere (sister of mom-to-be) and some delicious apps to appease.

Favor mini journals for guests to grab when they go.

Making wishes for Alex and the babies with The Flying Wish Kit.
A favorite of ours!

Lots of gifts. Then again, there are three babies to shower!

A little Baby Bingo from Knock Knock to keep everyone entertained.

Some delightful handknit goodies made with love by the grandma-to-be.

Oh, diapers! More please.
This box will last a day with all those babies. Really.

The beautfiul mom-to-be and her three.

A favorite and popular treat.
Marshmallows hand dipped in chocolate and adorned with pistachios,
graham crackers and dried cherries. So easy and so delicious.

And finally...
We couldn't resist a little play on three (three!) babies.

Happy Shower! Happy Day!

Running On Empty

Who knew that as infrequently as we post we would run out of storage space so soon!? Alas, we love to show you all pics. Who doesn't love to look at a picture or two dozen, really?! We have a great baby shower post to share with you, but you'll have to wait patiently while we increase our photo storage space. So don't go anywhere - OK, maybe you can run out for lunch...perhaps dinner too - because we'll be back and posting some pretty pics soon!

Birthday Boy {Man, really}

Today is Mr. Jones birthday. He doesn't really like to celebrate or make a fuss. But I couldn't resist a little bit of decoration here and there. Inspiration for colors was drawn from the Happy Birthday card from A Papier - add a few balloons, an extra ribbon tied here and there and a few messy handprints later and this is what he will come home to.
Happy Birthday to Mr. Jones! Love you!


Organize This...

This is one of those videos that just keeps popping up all over the blogosphere. And we love it. So naturally we feel it is our duty to share. It is a stop motion video {a method we heart} of some bookshelf organizing - as they note on YouTube: Over the weekend Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp ( and I ( decided to organize the bookcase. It got a little out of hand... We would say it got us inspired. Organize on. Or as my 2-year old says, "it's time for some orgazining." {erin}