Friday Favorites: Vol. 3

Today we would say we have one, singular favorite. Stationery. Period. That is it.

There is something magical about picking out your monogram, deciding on your personal motif, selecting a font, choosing from all those fabulolus paper colors. And envelope liners. Oh my.

And that, our friends, is just the beginning. The next step would be crafting the letter. Whether it's personal, professional or just a quick thank you, there is something magical about the process. Put the stamp on. Hand address the envelope (imagine that). Hand it over to your mailman (yes, one of us still does that every day at their front door!). You are sending something so much better than a text, email or miscellany electronic message can ever be. When it reaches it's destination, that letter is bringing a little piece of you, from your home to theirs.

One of us still has a letter that our father wrote on a special birthday (you know - the ones that end in either a zero or a five). It's hanging above the desk and every tangible punctuation mark or cramped "e" is a gentle reminder of home, so very far away, but still authentic with that distinctive handwriting of Dad looking down every day.

Now how sweet is that.

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