Monday Gift Guide: Wedding Gift Giving Tips


It is that time of year where your weekends are suddenly full. And for many of us, that means weddings. And where there is one wedding there are inevitably multiple weddings! Here are some good tips for wedding guests on wedding gift giving:

- You should definitely consider giving a gift if you are invited to the wedding but cannot attend. Your gift is more than a monetary notion, but rather a gesture of excitement at the start of a new life together for the bride and groom. You should feel honored to have been invited to their wedding, as you hold a memorable place in their lives for one reason or another. If the bride and groom are non-relative acquaintances you rarely ever see and you cannot afford a gift, you should at the very least send a handwritten note expressing your best wishes.

- It does not matter if you spend a little or a lot. It is always the thought that counts. Especially if you are invited to multiple events surrounding the wedding, such as showers or engagement parties. It is OK to join up with other people and contribute to a big group gift. A little from a lot of people can go a very long way and make for a very memorable gift.

- Consider the registry as a place to shop from and try to stick to it. Only see a $300 place setting and $15 corkscrew left? Consider the corkscrew, attached to a bottle of wine with a nice note. It’s OK to be a little outside the box.

- If the wedding couple asks for donation in lieu of gifts, be sure to honor their wishes. If they recommend an organization, donate to the designated recipient. If they offer you to select the organization of your choice, then do so and be sure to send a note to the couple to let them know how their gift is continuing to give to others.

- Consider the old rule that you had a year after the wedding to send a gift an outdated piece of advice. Try to send a gift prior to the wedding or immediately following the event. Waiting a year might mean you have to send a wedding and a baby gift all at once!

- Send the gift to the registry address or the bride’s residence. Unless your culture dictates that you bring the gift to the wedding, refrain from bringing any gifts to the event.

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