Cardboard Cot for the Tot

Lil Sugar had this post about eco-friendly nurseries and I loved/loathed the Cardboard Cot. I am currently re-vamping one toddler bedroom and creating a new nursery for the bundle of joy that joined our family a few weeks ago and am undergoing a bed/crib dilemma. But when I saw this bed, I hesitated at what to really think. What is the real feedback from someone who owns one? Has it withstood the tenacity of a toddler or the fluid output of a newborn? You have to wonder if someone had a litter of puppies in a box and thought, "Yep, we could make a bigger version for the kids to sleep in!". Yes, it's unique. Yes, it's pricey. Yes, it's got that eco-friendly vibe. Yes, it moves easily (wheels!). Yes, it is somewhat ridiculous. I mean...the thing comes shipped in a cardboard box as it is. Does that mean you get two cots for the price of one? Perfect, beacuse I have two kids now.

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