Peanut's Shell is The Peanut Shell

Attention all new mamas out there, and moms to be! You've certainly seen the Peanut Shell around town and we want to tell you we give it a full fledged two thumbs up! Not only do we sell the Peanut Shell, we wear them too. Erin sports not one, but two of these at all times to carry Baby A around the house and around town. OK...that isn't us looking like one hot mama leaning against a Chevy Camaro (photo via the fine people at The Peanut Shell), but that is exactly how we feel when we nestle baby in for a ride in the sling. Free to go, free to do and most importantly, two free hands! Baby loves to be close to mom and mom loves how easy it is to throw the sling in the diaper bag when it's not in use. Small, compact, washable and totally lovable.

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