Keep Calm It Is Just A Wedding

In honor of THE royal wedding and all the hoopla that is surrounding it, we created this poster. A spin off from the original WWII poster discovered in a British bookshop in 2000, the orginial iconic print has made its way all around the globe - from design mags to interior spaces to catchy one-offs that are smart and funny. We just couldn't resist a royal wedding take on the classic. If you want to read more about the original poster and the great story behind it, click here.

We l-o-v-e weddings. Weddings are what we do! And yes, we are as curious as the next person as to what designer the bride is wearing, how famously long (or not) her veil will be and seeing the new groom escort the future queen (?!) out of Westminster Abbey. We will most certainly not be watching the live coverage here in Colorado. If we are up at 5 AM, we better be at the gym (no excuses - they do have TV's there), for we know the press will be rehashing the details for weeks and months to come. When the TODAY Show started their countdown months ago and Matt and Meredith were as giddy as schoolgirls, one EYB husband almost threw up in his cereal. He was flabbergasted that we were going to talk about someone else's wedding for soooo long. We cannot seem to get away from it all - every channel, every magazine, every newspaper. Really, we have taken this all a bit too far. The poor brides who are getting married this weekend too - may they get as much attention from their friends and family that we all have given to this royal couple! What is it about weddings that we all seem to just go gaga?!

We know that we cannot all be future princesses (we will never deny you your inner princess). So we created a wedding version for all the brides and grooms and mother's of the brides (especially the MOB's) out there that need a reminder that this is just a wedding. What is most important is the marriage.


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