time to bestow :: fifty shades of denim

Amy turned thirty. Which meant time for a party.
The custom birthday invitations were designed by the birthday girl herself.
Heavy cotton stock with a custom brand and printed in navy ink.
Wrapped in a denim (Levi's, no less) and jute band
and mailed off in a fantastically thick kraft envelope.

The details were true to Amy - and her brand.
The napkins featured her custom brand.
And she received a custom branded belt buckle as her first birthday gift.

And in true Amy fashion, the requested attire was Canadian tuxedo.
Yes, we do have some good old Canadian roots.
Guests obliged and we had ourselves a bona fide
Fifty Shades of Denim Party!
Which was not really the intention, but that's sure what it looked like.

:: party on ::

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