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Cover: ”April 14, 1962,” by Charles E Martin

We have always loved the mail, especially as children living so far from family (and what felt like friends at times). The mail would come and with it, letters from afar, pictures, magazines and event gifts on occasion. It is only natural that we went into the stationery business, as that love has not strayed - not even to the quick ability to text, email, tweet or facebook someone (yes, we just used "facebook" as a verb). The New Yorker has more than a dozen covers dedicated to the U.S. Postal system. From mailman as Cupid to Santa to general lifeline, personal or otherwise. With all the talk about cutbacks in the USPS, check out the gallery of images and the September 19 issue cover here at The New Yorker online. Weigh in, tell us your opinion. Or better yet, drop us a note! (PO Box 4436, Basalt, CO 81621)

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