Behind the Curtain: Spain with Amy + Erin...the Video

You see us at work, or around town, but do you often wonder what we really do on our time off? Well, the Behind the Curtain posts are a peek into our lives just a bit more. Beyond the dinners and drinks where we see you all around town and even beyond the weddings and celebrations where we talk about our families and kids. We do a lot more than all of that in our free time (what little we often have!). We keep busy with horses and kids, and kids on horses. With photography and reading and writing and baking and making and crafting and creating. Decorating and dining and shopping for houses and pastures. We also love to travel.  And we have a keen eye for finding things we love all over the world.

Last Spring, we (Amy + Erin) had the opportunity to travel to Spain with our family. When we say family, we mean our parents. No spouses or boyfriends or kids. One of those rare, adult opportunities to travel with Mom and Dad and good family friends - we hope not just once in a lifetime, but we are well aware these trips are not going to be annual! Just ask Mr. Jones how he handled ten days alone with two toddlers!!

Here is a sneak peek of some pictures we'll soon be posting in the coming days and weeks. This video was shot by Amy, all on an iPhone (amazing!) and captures just a small essence of our total experience. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoy reliving that Spring in Spain.

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