Happily After the Ever After


Seriously?! Where was this MissNowMrs Online Name Change Service when I got married? It has been four years, two kids and I am STILL working on changing my name! If I had (wisely) chosen to use this service after my wedding, I would have avoided the following:

1) Hysterics at the DMV because I was told to bring the wrong forms to change my name. Mother had to drive three hours, console me in the parking lot and keep me from leaping across the counter.

2) Bad, bad picture on Drivers License (see above).

3) Heated argument with the clerk at COSTCO because my bank account information did not match up to my membership info. Whatever, I didn't need twelve bottles of shampoo, 60 pounds of pasta, 76 juice boxes and a 200 ounce jar of jalapenos anyways.

4) Post Office withholding mail sent to my new married name; as if they weren't slow enough already.

5) Social Security statement claiming I made $0.00 in 2006. Close, but not exactly true.

6) An exorbitant rush fee on my lovely and shiny new passport.

7) A long wait at the less than jovial Social Security office - where is Nate Berkus when you need him?

8) Enough tears to water our lawn.

9) Shouts to customer service agents in other countries that could be heard, well, halfway around the world.

10) A post-wedding to do list that still follows me around.

So if you are a bride, a divorcee, a post-modernist zeitgeist or someone who just wants to change your name (calling all Martha Fockers) I say go for it! Just be sure to use MissNowMrs. I guarantee it will be worth every penny!

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