Project: Vintage School Chairs

We found these. In an alley behind our house. Waiting for the trashman. And just begging to come home with us.

They were in horrible shape. One of the seats original wood could certainly not be salvaged. But we were determined to make something of them. Just too cute to pass up. So armed with some easy and inexpensive tools, we set out.

Two coats of primer, some strategic taping and a few coats of color later, this is what we had.

Perfect tea party chairs for two perfectly cute little girls. The oldest picked out the paint colors and was thrilled to see her purple and turquoise chairs in her room. We started the project as soon as they went down for an afternoon nap and we were done just a few hours later (with lots of down time during the project to let the coats of paint dry). Total cost was under $15. A quick and easy DIY project, which is exactly what we love to do!

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