Gift Guide: Father's Day

With Father's Day fast approaching, here are some of our easy gift selections for any Dad (and not one tie in sight!). And of course, starting with the card:

Easily one of our favorite, and funniest, card lines we carry. This Father's Day card from Hard Cards is suitable for more than one gift giver we know. 

We've got several copies of this cookbook from Esquire on our shelves. It may be the only cookbook a man will ever need, but we're also pretty sure any man would l.o.v.e. anything you make for him from this masterpiece. The best part? It includes a free subscription to Esquire.

And then there is this Moustache Growers Guide in stock too. An illustrated guide to all the types of moustaches a man can groom and grow.

Let's not forget the golfers out there. For the more sophisticated and classic daddy, you can give him a set of golf notes from Crane & Co.

Then there are always the new dads to fete and an annual favorite comes to mind. The Scout (diaper) bag. That's right, a manly diaper bag for dad. Just because he gets out of changing diapers on Father's Day does not mean he can irk his daddy duties the other 364 days. And it's in our favorite color too.

For something to commemorate this new, and growing, family check out this custom family tree on etsy.

The road (bike) warrior might appreciate this recycled bike chain frame. We've got plenty waiting for that photo of dad with his bike - maybe kiddos on the trike.

Treating dad to a movie night at home? Then we suggest you do not forget the popcorn. This popcorn in particular. Really, what man does not love bacon?!? (We can - and will - do an entire post on bacon alone!)

He can (visually) wash down his bacon corn with this dedication to nothing but beer cans. This book will certainly look better on the table than that dusty, rusty old college collection lining the windowsill in the basement.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for an exciting Dad Day Giveaway!

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