Challenge + Nourish: Heart + Mind + Soul

{Photo by Amy :: Express Yourself}

As the first day of February and in honor of creating love-ly connections, we wanted to share some of our favorite ideas for celebrating this month. These are meant to challenge you - heart and mind and soul - and get you outside your comfort zone and into some old familiar territory, as well as some new places too.


First up, is the Month of Letters Challenge. The idea is that in February, you write a letter for every day the postal service runs. That means on Sundays, you can give your letter writing a breather. Why? We say why not. Who doesn't love to get real mail in their mailbox. And the connections made by hand and post are so much more authentic. We are taking the challenge on and we encourage you to do so as well! There is an entire website dedicated to this project complete with FAQ's and notes on how to connect online via Facebook and Twitter to help take the project from virtual to reality.

Next is the Letters of Note site, where you can be inspired by fascinating and interesting correspondence gathered and curated to share with all. This love letter is worthy of a read.


Finally, for those of you more prone to pick up a camera instead of a pen, here is a photo challenge for the month of February from Fat Mum Slim. We are looking forward to this challenge as well and we'll be sure to tweet our pics with #febphotoaday.

Be sure to share your letters (if you dare!) and your photos with us here, on our Facebook page, or via Twitter with #noteablyunique.

{write on. read on. click on.}

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