thank you :: teacher appreciation day

We have had so many great teachers in our lives, and for that we give thanks. From Mrs. Ballangee in first grade to Mrs. Beaton in fifth grade to Professor Kubzansky in college. They shaped us and educated us and helped us during the most formative years of our lives in ways we cannot even begin to describe. The teacher we are most thankful for, however, is our mom. A first and second grade educator for so many years - not only in the classroom but in the home as well! We owe her thanks each and every day.
In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day today, we thought we'd share a simple, yet beautiful idea on how your child can thank their teachers. This year we gathered up the class list and emailed the parents asking each child to bring in a fresh bloom for each of their teachers. The end result is a bouquet as unique as the children in the class!  :: give thanks ::

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