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We have many special men in our lives that are fathers. 
The father to our father. 
The father to our children.
Godfathers and Uncles and Cousins.
Fathers to other children we would love to call our very own. 
But this Father's Day we reflect on our own father.

erin & dad
That solid rock of a man that is serious and thoughtful and playful and funny and always there.
Always there cannot even begin to describe his presence for us.
That is our dad.
Intimidating at first - it didn't exactly help us in High School that our dad 
walked the halls in a leather jacket and dark sunglasses to go tell off the physics teacher - 
but ultimately lovable in only that way truly great dad's can be.
And he gives the best hugs.

He has big shoes for us to even try to fill as we parent our own children.
But he joyfully invites us to follow in his footsteps as he takes us on adventures
around the world and teaches us about the adventure of life.
Full of humility and humor. Grace and generosity.
Learning and loving. Family and good fortune.
We stand with him and honor him and love him
as his own father, our grandfather, embarks on his last great adventure.

amy & grandpa
every day is a happy father's day around here.
we love you dad.
we love you grandpa.
e + a

* * * * *

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