More Silhouettes...

There are more silhouettes than we can put in one post, really.
And there are so many options
when it comes to stationery and gifts.
Continuing on our post from Friday,
here are a few more of our favorites...

Children's Stationery

Children's Stamp

Children's Custom Canvas
by Fontaine Maury

Birthday Invite
by Inviting Co.

Graduation Invite
by Inviting Co.

Shower and Party Invitations
by Inviting Co.
Nature Silhouette Save the Date
Kate Spade Tree Silhouette
by Crane & Co.
All of these invitations and customized gifts are available
at your fine stationer or Express Yourself.

And for a little more silhouette inspiration,
check out these links:

And stay tuned for my own DIY project to create custom bird art silhouette for a child's room or nursery. It's fun, easy, and makes the room. Really.


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