You Are Invited

You are invited to take peek inside the workings of Express Yourself. Here is an example of how we go from concept to reality with a custom designed invitation. This particular piece is an invitation we mailed to prospective brides and grooms. It was somewhat easy because, lets face it, stationery is what we do. All day long. Our process was much more simple and less time consuming than the typical wedding suite creative consult session. Regardless, the process essentially works the same and we are happy to take you through from start to finish.

First, we start with our color inspiration and any design specifications that are a must have. Loved this color combo (below), minus the red and perhaps a little more subtle. We also loved the idea of a mounted pouch to hold all our details. There is a lot of information to convey to future brides and grooms. We figured three stacked pull-outs should do the trick.

Motif inspiration comes from so many different sources. We loved the design on the aquamarine paper and we used that to guide us in selecting a motif for this particular piece.

Next, here is a quick design idea mock-up for how we wanted the piece to layout and come together. This is very, very rough draft. And I really need to work on my sketching skills!

OK, then it was time to order the stock, make the measurements and work on the proofs. Digital proofs are part of every custom order and are so important! The proofing process can be tedious, especially if there are a lot of changes, but it is so much better to spend the extra time proofing than it is to re-print an entire order!Here are the digital proofs for this piece.

A few tweaks and changes and we were ready to print and assemble. Sorry, no pictures of assembly. But really, it's not what you wanted to see anyways. Because volia, here is the final product!

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