Focus on Aspen Area Authors

In celebration of the true creativity and genius found amidst our local residents, we are highlighting some of our favorite, new and notable books from authors of the Roaring Fork Valley. Grab a book, sit back and enjoy these last days of summer with our local talent...

E Party
by Steven Nemerovski

Amazon reviews say that "E Party is an extraordinary first novel by veteran lawyer and lobbyist. Shedding light on the murky dark corners of state politics, Mr. Nemerovski, in this thoroughly engrossing novel, lays out his insights into the challenges and opportunities of building a viable and sustainable third party." This local author will be available for book signing at the Snowmass Club on September 12th from 3-6pm. Find out more about this novel online here and follow along via facebook and twitter.

Mothers & Other Liars
by Amy Bourret

Part-time Aspen resident Amy Bourret has crafted a spellbinding and engrossing debut novel. Fresh off the press and receiving high reviews, this novel is sure to be a success. Visit her website for more information on the author and the book.

And for the little readers in your family...

The Adventures of Jack the Owl
by Stuart Brafman

A story geared for kids ages 3-8, this book tells a series of tales about an owl and his adventures in Aspen, Colorado. The book evolved from tales Brafman would tell his grandchildren and for the sake of posterity, the stories are now in print for his own grandchildren to share in the future. You too can share these stories with the little ones in your life. Read more about Brafman in this Aspen Time article.

The Furry Mountain Monkeys of Aspen Colorado
by Vince Lahey

A favorite wintertime book by local author and parent Vince Lahey, this story tells the tale of a young boy stranded on the mountain during a blizzard and his ultimate rescue by the furry mountain monkeys. Kids will delight in learning about the green eyes of the monkeys and looking up to the mountain at night to see them roaming around (hint: it is lights of the snowcats in action!). Perfect library addition for any snow-loving family! Learn more about this great hardback children's book on facebook.

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