Advent Calendar: Plan B

Plan A. 
A for Advent.
I had a lovely advent calendar swag adorning our home. 
Full of candy canes. 
Just like our childhood. 
Amy and I would faithfully count down 
to Christmas with peppermint candy. 
Every. Single. Year. 
It was a holiday ritual that did not waver. 

My kids decided, rather suddenly, they no longer liked 
their advent calendar and candy canes. 
The whims of toddlers, I say. 
So they deconstructed it for me, 
put the candy in a drawer and said they were not interested.
Time for Plan B. B for Books.
I saw this photo online for a book advent calendar
and thought, 
"I'll do that next year."
But why wait for December 2012 when 
I have more than a dozen days left in December 2011?
And I had a surplus of books stashed away for Christmas.
So I wrapped, bundled and tagged.
And on the mantle they went. 
A new book to open and read together every day.
They were {beyond} thrilled.
And so am I. 
A new family holiday tradition has been born.

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