Present Perfect Perfectly Presented: Boys!

OK. We'll be the first to admit that when a customer walks into our store and asks us what to buy for a boy between the ages of 10 and 12, we are usually stumped. Actually, almost always stumped. It is one of those age groups that is SO hard to buy for {and let's not even get started on how hard it is to shop for males in general}! All they want is tech gadgets (too expensive) and more tech gadgets to improve on their current tech gadgets. We found ourselves stumped this week when it came time to send our cousin a birthday present for his 12th birthday. But one of our favorite card companies inspired us - Selfish Kitty by Calypso Cards. We love what we put together. And we think he'll love it too! Here we go:

It all starts with the card.

and inside...

the gift

with the real gift, of course

wrap it up in an old shopping bag

and it all fit perfectly in a 
USPS Priority Rate Small Box.

{Present Perfect}
{Perfectly Presented}

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