Nourish: The Conversation


This article from Ashely Judd in response to critical media reviews regarding her appearance is an intelligent and thoughtful piece that everyone should read. She chose to speak out publicly on behalf of all women - all girls - all men. You may think we are pushing feminism, but there is more to take from her piece. Even though the article is primarily in reference to the, "assault on our body image" as women, it also applies to the men in our world and the, "heteronormative definitions of masculinity that deny the full and dynamic range of their personhood." As women we are very aware that far too often we are so hard on ourselves for everything from our appearance to our professional lives to our relationships and our ability to be a "good" mother. This article may give you the opportunity to step back and reconsider the internal conversations you are having with yourself that often result in negative external conversations with others. Read the article. Then read the response from Forbes. Join the conversation. It all begins within ourselves to change. Because as Ashley states in the original article, "The insanity has to stop." 

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