After Chevron Comes What?

We know our clients are not tired of it, and some days we downright love it, but the redundancy of a design or pattern can often become a bit tiresome for us. Especially when we look at paper and products and design every single day. Take chevron, for example. This classic pattern is trending everywhere right now and as with home goods and fashion, stationery is generally right on trend. 

Flame Stitch too. A cousin of chevron that has more of an organic vibe.

Ikat abounds and has been on the radar of designers for quite some time.

Houndstooth has been popping up again this past season and we're wondering if we'll see more of it come fall and winter.

What's next? 
If you know, let us in on the trend to come! 
We would love to play around with some fresh new patterns.

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