Looking Ahead

We have had a year of big changes in 2012 and 2013 is looking even bigger and brighter and full of amazing opportunities. While life with Express Yourself and theHELLOtote is busy, whether in Denver or Basalt, I have to be honest that we (my sis and I) desire to get out of our comfort zone just a bit more. We need to be inspired so that we can be inspiring to others. We need to branch out and network and be prepared for upcoming changes and what we hope are amazing things to come our way. This need to get out more became apparent when I recently realized my four-year old has acquired more frequent flier miles than I have in the past twelve months. And especially so when I look at our blog posts and realize I have not put anything up since July. It's a sad situation, really.

Some might say that to get inspired you need to be bored, while others suggest that anyone can be more creative if they just tap into it. One has to admire all the viewpoints, however I really have my heart set on the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City. It is so amazing and inspiring just to read about the bloggers and collaborators from last year and we would l.o.v.e. to actually attend. Not only is Alt SLC the perfect time of year (hello new year, hello new ideas) but it happens to fall right after my birthday (a composite number that I shall not reveal). And it's the winter and I've always wanted to ski in Park City. And did I mention a relative lives nearby that just bought a new house that I would love to visit?!? It's meant to be, really. 

Except for the fact it is sold out. 

So, while I am currently here ---> in Colorado, I'll just keep dreaming about being there ---> in SLC. And of course, I will keep up with the Alt actions from afar. In my pajamas. While my four-year old jaunts off with her grandmother on yet another fun trip.

For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog. Go on now...

- e.m.j.

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