Say Cheese!

Or as my little one says when the camera is out, "Say Pizza Pie!". Why pizza pie, I have no idea. But if she at least looks at and acknowledges the camera, then we are one step closer to getting a picture of her. Because getting pictures of kids is stressful, not to mention the fact that I am rarely in the photos because I am always the one behind the lens. 

We are here to help you take the stress out of the holiday photo this year. Treat yourself to a thirty-minute photo session with Shannon Gray at Express Yourself in Downtown Basalt. On Saturday, November 12th from noon - 4 p.m. {during BASH!} we will be offering thirty-minute slots for you and the kids (or just the kids - go ahead and sneak into The Brick Pony for a much deserved glass of wine). For $125, the lovely and talented Shannon will then give you eight of the best photos in digital format. You can print, re-print, gift, re-gift and oooh and ahhh over them as much as you want. All without having to do a crazy dance behind the camera. Now that is the best gift I will give myself this year.

Call 970-927-2533 or email 
to reserve your spot today!


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