Artists to Watch: Brianna Martray

This past April and May, we traveled through the pedestrian bridge from the main terminal to the A Gates at Denver International Airport. A beautiful, peaceful bridge that easily transports you from the hustle and bustle into the gate area without much effort, yet it was clear that there was someone busy at work. An art installation was occurring. Tiny paper cranes, floating from one end of the bridge to another. But it the early stages of the project were evident and the concept was still clearly taking shape; ladders were tucked to the side and blue painter's tape marked the future path of the art.

Over this past weekend we finally made it back across that bridge. It was subtly impressive to see the cranes float their way from one end to the other, seemingly traveling with you as you yourself journeyed on. But the most impressive part of this art installation is the story behind it. The story of the artist, Brianna Martray. Here it is in her own words:
Once upon a time, I wrote a novel. I took me eight years and upon completion a New York City Literary Agent asked for a copy. I reread it again, decided it wasn’t good enough and never sent it. In 2006, I started folding the stacks of manuscript pages lying around my house into origami cranes. Fast forward to the summer of 2010 when both my computer and my back up hard drive are stolen and the only finished copy of my novel lives in 10,000 folder paper cranes, the shadow of thousands of hours of work, the history of my creative journey, remnants of a former self.

It is only fitting that this art installation be in a place of movement, travel. A place of going forward. Visit it the next time you visit DIA. {travel on}

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