Track a Package: Camera Mail

We have an ongoing courtship with our US Postal Service, Fed-Ex team and UPS delivery service. In the sense that we spend a lot of time at the post office, on the phone, online tracking packages, or wondering when they (lovely drivers, they are) will arrive at our doorstep. We know phone numbers by heart and recite tracking numbers like vital stats. We wield a tape gun like the professionals we are and loathe those packing peanuts. We are always in the know about when items are shipped, how long they will take to arrive and how quickly it can all happen. But we don't really put too much thought into that time in transit. Until now.

This is an interesting story on Camera Mail. You attach a disposable camera to a piece of cardboard, affix some postage and implore the postal workers to take photos as the package is moved along in transit.

Results? Here is a camera mail project that had one very helpful postal worker only too eager to participate in this social experiment. 

Now we want to see what brown would do in an experiment like this. Perhaps it's time to try and find out for ourselves!

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